Angelina Jollie’s Emerald Cut Wedding Rings

Emerald cut wedding rings are popular since Brad Pitt gave this kind engagement ring for Angelina Jollie’s. Since the, the popularity of emerald cut diamond is escalated quickly. There are several jewelry stores that display this kind of cutting everywhere and you can get the variety of this ring. It is amazing because emerald wedding […]

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Cheap Diamond Wedding Rings Set?

Cheap diamond wedding ring sets may be the perfect selection as you have tight budget for your wedding celebration. Wedding is one of the most important part of life and there would be so much work and energy that you need to prepare all of those. But as the groom, you need to think about […]

The Rules of How Much To Spend on A Wedding Ring

How much to spend on a wedding ring? This is a question that pop up everytime there are couples that soon will be married. It is common because everyone has different financial state so they need to think about they way to purchase the wedding ring. Basically, the groom should be the one that pay […]

Heart Shaped Wedding Rings Set For Bride

Heart wedding ring is not the same with the claddagh wedding ring. First of all, it is a single heart inlay without two hands flanked beside it and there is no crown above it. And then it does not come from Ireland like the claddagh does. It is pure heart shaped wedding rings which the […]

Cheap White Gold Wedding Rings For Her

If you have low budget wedding party the cheapest wedding rings might be suitable remembering that you do not have enough budget for the wedding ring. But you do not need to be worry because no matter how many the budget you want you still can get the best wedding ring for her. You might […]